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1600 Classic Garment                               $ 130.00

While this classic model offers an excellent option for faster healing after liposuction, or any abdomen, high hip and back surgery, thousands of other women use it every day as an instant makeover reducing many inches from their waist, hips and legs. The Classic Garment can be worn under a mini-skirt as a body contouring support thus correcting body posture, reducing back pain, and projecting a more elegant figure when walking.

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1602 Strapless Half Leg                               $ 130.00

This above-the-knee strapless model is ideal to be worn under trendy shirts, low back outfits, spaghetti straps tops, skirts and shorts.

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1614 Sleeves Long Legs                               $ 150.00

This model features long legs and long sleeves to minimize the size of the arms and avoid the unsightly bulge located around the bra area. It makes all the difference in how you feel in your favorite dress or blouse.

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1700 Tops                                                          $ 90.00

Our newest model was exclusively designed for extended wear during the breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift post-operative recovery period. It was engineered to prevent the implants from moving, to promote skin retraction, minimize swelling and itching, increase comfort and speed the recovery process. When used as a sports bra, it minimizes the movement and assures the stability of the breasts while jogging or exercising at the gym.

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1612 Strapless Long Leg                               $ 140.00

Feel gorgeous in that beautiful low back, long dress. This model will slim and smooth your silhouette from top to bottom. It could also be worn in formal or informal outfits year-round.

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1610 Long Leg Garment                                $ 140.00

This long leg model is a variation of the Classic Garment and is ideal to be used after abdominal and leg procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction of the abdomen, thighs, hips, and knees, thigh and buttock lift. This model will support skin retraction, minimize swelling and itching, increase comfort and speed the recovery period. This model is also recommended for every day use under jeans or tight pants revealing the new sculpted figure created by the garment.

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